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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Memory books

Since my teens I have taken photos (badly) and stuck them in albums. For the last few years my albums have been digital but I still like to print some. Last year I added other souvenirs such as maps, tickets etc. I have been collecting photos and other bits and pieces all year and finally have started making this year's memory book.

I found this rather nice album in a charity shop and have been filling it in with this year's memories.

So what are they? Well some are days out I have blogged about but I have yet to post about my wonderful Scottish holiday. The other highlight was the arrival on October 2nd of Emily Rose, our first grandchild so loads of photos of her.

I decided next year to utilize an old loose-leaf folder which will be covered and decorated.

I thought I could include my journal as I can just take pages to insert later. I'm looking forward to this project but I had better finish this year's first!

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