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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Being frugal when you are poorly

My daughter has always been frugal but since she had swine flu and secondary infections over 9 years ago she has never recovered and been diagnosed as having ME or CFS. It is difficult for her to cook from scratch as she doesn't have the energy. She still does pretty well though and doesn't buy ready meals. Every Sunday she has a roast dinner by using frozen veg, unpeeled roast potatoes and a ready prepared joint which can be bought for £2.50 in Asda or Iceland. The joint gives her 2 meals plus sandwiches. She also buys frozen fish and has a piece with home made wedges and peas. So it is possible even when cooking is limited.

I have always had good health so not had a problem cooking. Just recently I am having a gastric problem which has gradually got worse and more frequent. After a 6 month wait I saw the gastroenterologist last week and he thinks its diverticulitis so I am waiting for a colonoscopy. In the meanwhile it has got to the point that eating any solid food causes me to be very ill. After trying a small portion of home made shepherds pie last Saturday I was very ill for 2 days so have gone back to blitzing everything in my nutribullet. I didn't want to throw food away so have been experimenting with various concoctions. I was also able to freeze some items. With a lot going on though I bought some chicken complan and had a portion today. It was disgusting and made me nauseous. So that will be thrown out and as I was so tired I went to Sainsburys for some blitzing ingredients. Happily they have cut loads of their products so I was able to get some lovely things at a good price. Cashew milk was only £1 so pleased with that.

I will be glad to get back to proper food.

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