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Sunday, 24 March 2019

When the sun shines.

It has been a beautiful weekend so finally got out into the garden yesterday to cut the grass both front and back and did some edging. I quite enjoyed it once I got going and it looked so much better.

In the front the tulips and wallflowers are out along with the marigolds which flowered through the winter.

The crocuses in the pots are flowering and the tulips will be soon. In the second picture, the quince is in leaf and the mahonia aquifolia is flowering. The grass has lots of bare patches where the dogs have been but it looks better short. Loads to do and only me to do it and without my usual energy so just trying to do a bit at a time and enjoy it. Today I cut back all the dead bits from the sage but lots of new growth on it.

Dd fetched the chairs and table from the shed and I did sit out in a sunny patch and eat my lunch.


  1. Sadly out lawns are still a little water logged it will be awhile before we can get them cut.

    1. Hope you get some sun soon to dry them out.


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