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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Some bargains

Don't usually get good yellow sticker bargains from Asda in day time but was pleased with this one.

Then took what I hope is the last lot to the charity shop and had a little browse. This was my haul

A set of vintage wooden skittles with ball, a wooden tool box with mainly wooden tools and screws, a flap up book and a book with a hare puppet costing £6 in total. Little GD will love them.

Cleaned my car inside and out so saving on the car wash. Using up toiletries before I buy any more. Mainly eating what I have and not buying much. So quite a frugal week.


  1. We bought the same tool kit for our grandson for Christmas on sale in Sainsbury's - I thought I had a bargain at £6 - normal price £10 - you had an even better bargain!

    1. Even £6 is good for this wooden item.

  2. I love a bargain too. Best, Jane x

  3. You have had a very frugal week.

    God Bless.

  4. Some good bargains. I love wooden children's toys, there's too much plastic about these days.