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Monday, 6 July 2020

A Discovery

I decided to walk along the river to a village a couple of miles away. I used to regularly walk there and back but haven't even walked one way for the last few years. It's very pleasant with lots of boats moored and moving about. Also lots of bird life. To my delight I saw the swan family with 5 cygnets. I had watched the swan on the nest and seen one hatched but when I went back they had all gone and I worried something had happened to them as didn't see them again.

I took my time watching buzzards, lapwings and grey wagtails plus the boats.

I started walking back along the road and then decided to get away from the traffic and try a footpath. My map is old and tatty but it looked easy enough. Walk through a little wooded area and turn left then come out in the industrial area nearer to my side of town. I seemed to be walking too far so took another path through a wood and came out by a group of fishing lakes. It was beautiful with lots of goldfinches on teasels and several men fishing. One man was putting stuff in his car and was friendly so I asked him what this place was. He said it was Timberland fishery and if I went past the lakes and the shop and cafe I would come out on the road. I couldn't believe I was right near the garage I use and only about two miles from home. I had never heard of those lakes but they seemed to be on the site of the timber yard that DB used to use. I looked them up later and found they are fairly new so not on my map. The footpath didn't seem to be there either. I think it's time to get a new map or buy the OS maps on line would be better. Who knows what is right on our doorsteps?


  1. Amazing what we can find when we slow down and look. You certainly live in a beautiful area.

  2. Sounds wonderful and looks very pretty.

  3. As long as the feet hold out, getting lost can be a good deal of fun. And really, in a setting like this, very nice indeed.