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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Olio etc

 I had heard of Olio but as I use all my food so have none to give away and I don't really need free food I never joined. Then I found they do non food items and as I had a few things to give away and no charity shops or freecycle open, I joined.

I had put a shopping trolley, shoe rack and 2021 desk diary on my covered patio with a notice saying "Free, please take". After one week somebody took the shoe rack and then I found out about Olio through a frugal green FB group. Within days the diary went and somebody was going to collect the trolley but messaged to say they couldn't make it that day so I offered to hang on to it until they can get it. It has been interesting looking at the offers. There is a new still in the packet address book which I like but it is a bit further than I want to walk as its  through a built up area and I haven't driven that way lately. There has been lots of food offered and some of it quite close to me. I wouldn't have used it and know there are people who need it anyway. It reminded me of the time 45 years ago when DS was a baby and we were staying with friends in Northumberland in a cottage out in the country. Sunday morning I was in the kitchen and a strange woman walked in with a mixing bowl. It was the next door neighbour who had made too much pastry and thought we would like it. Our friend did! No Smart phones then. 

Even before I was born neighbours shared spare food. My family were very poor then even though dad worked but no help for big families living on one low wage. A neighbour would give mum the ends of the loaf as her family didn't eat them. My brothers were happy to oblige. 

Clothes were regularly handed down from friends and relatives. My best friend's mum was a trained tailoress so every year she made matching coats, hats and sometimes muffs for her two daughters. My friend was the same age and size as me, her sister was 3 years older and my sister 3 years younger so we received the coats when they grew out of them. I loved our matching outfits and didn't mind at all that they were used. We all kept things out of landfill but we didn't know about being green and the environment. You would think now that upcycling and recycling were new inventions but most people we knew were experts. I am glad it has become fashionable though as I do hate waste and enjoy making a little go a long way. 


  1. I've never heard of Olio - going to look it up as soon as I have finished this comment. Sharing stuff in the village is quite common and we use the 'jungle drums' and put out what is on offer or what we need and it doesnt take long :)

  2. It's good to have a village community. I did live in a village but in a sizeable town now so Olio is useful.

  3. My mum would cut down clothes given to her to make her children clothes, in our village she was well know for her creations, and often people would pass things to her. Like you we never minded we had 2nd hand clothes.