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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Simple pleasures

After a morning spent cleaning I enjoyed some simple pleasures. A walk along the river with DD and her two dogs in sunshine but with a little breeze. The new wildflower meadow looked so beautiful. Then home and sat in the garden to enjoy a simple lunch of home made bread toasted with beans and cheese and a pot of tea. So peaceful with the bird song and I counted 20 different type of flowers. Some were on the fruit trees.

I had to do some form filling and paper work so was still able to sit in the sun. Later I made a delicious fish stew using up the white fish from the freezer, some frozen cooking bacon, a tin of canneloni beans, tin of tomatoes, puree, a red onion, red pepper and a courgette that needed using up. I sat in the garden again enjoying the birds bathing.

The first picture shows in the distance a robin in the bird bath. Not very clear but I only had my tablet and didn't want to go in for the camera with the zoom lens.

The simple pleasures are the best.

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