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Friday, 25 May 2018

Frugal cooking

I had a cooking session this afternoon to avoid throwing out vegetables.  This is not usually a problem but due to some gastric flare-ups so not feeling well some days and not eating so much I needed to deal with some veg promptly.

I froze the 3 peppers then cooked the red cabbage with onion, apple and vinegar etc. Some was eaten with the home made shepherds pie from the freezer and the rest boxed up to freeze.

I then used the rather sad looking leeks along with whatever else I had to make a huge pot of minestrone soup. This has been decanted into double portion jars and most frozen apart from some put in the fridge for tomorrow. So a very satisfying afternoon.

We have had a couple of nights of rain so that is doing the garden good and means I can still sit out there for meals during the day.  I need to do some weeding really and the grass will need cutting too. My bought tomato plants are looking very healthy and already flowering. The gooseberry bush is covered in fruit, likewise the strawberry bed and the blackcurrants. The blackberries have plenty of flowers but I think this year the fruit will be given to a friend who makes jam as they seem to upset my tummy now. The Jonagold and Bramley apple trees look good though and no problem with those. I shall have to put some garden photos up soon.

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