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Friday, 15 June 2018

A bargain

After a few stressful days trying to get DB's repeat prescription from the pharmacy, I ended up at Asda at 8pm to pick it up ready for the next morning. It wasn't quite ready so I had a wander to the reduced section and as nothing there had a look to see if any fruit or veg reduced. Couldn't see anything at first then noticed some big boxes with yellow stickers. They were boxes of wonky veg reduced from £3.60 to 20p! I staggered with one to the check-out and decanted the contents into my shopping trolley which fortunately I had taken as I walk there.

The cashiers were very surprised and I told them plenty more there if they wanted to make soup. The reply was they couldn't be bothered. Well I could. The contents were sweet potatoes, carrots, a huge swede, a white cabbage, 3 peppers, leeks and new potatoes. I had to throw a sweet potato and a few carrots but still very good value.

My freezer now contains several portions of soupe au chou from Delia's frugal food. That is bacon and white cabbage soup. I had some and it is really nice. I also made a large box of coleslaw with carrot, cabbage and leek. The rest has been used in various meals. So at least something good came out of the prescription mix up.


  1. I'm glad you got the prescription sorted out. As to the vegetables, what a brilliant find.

  2. Fantastic Bargain, I came home with 3 of the veg boxes once for the grand total of 60p. I don't understand people when they say they can't be bothered, perhaps if they could be bothered they wouldn't have to go out and work so many hours.