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Saturday, 30 June 2018


I'm not a fan of shopping for non-food items but sometimes I need to.  I came back from London on the tube to Epping which is a bit posher than the town I live in so better quality in the charity shops.  I was particularly looking for a bright loose cotton top to wear to an Andre Rieu concert. Nothing in 4 charity shops but I did find a beautiful red dress for £7 which is more than I normally pay but it is for a special holiday later this year - a cruise to Norway.

I also found 2 books for 50p and an as new hippo glove puppet for £1 all for GD.  I decided to get the bus home and checked the timetable and number of the bus. Along it came so showed my bus pass and stated my destination. I was waved inside as no need for a ticket. After a while I realized this bus was going to Ongar a very small town not my town. Never mind I thought as I have been meaning to check the charity shops out there anyway.  There was only one there and very overpriced so I just bought a book for £1 and went home. At least I know no point in going there again.

These are my purchases.

I still didn't have a top to wear with my new black trousers though so had a trawl round town on Friday afternoon. I looked in every possible shop both new and charity and nothing cotton, bright and in my size until Matalan and then not really what I wanted but bright red and cotton and at special price of £5. So at least I could get away from the shops then and get back to cooking and gardening.

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  1. I'd rather be gardening than shopping any day too, Jean! I always like having a look for books in op-shops too because there are often gems to be found for just a few $. One of our local op-shops has a fantastic range of books and our nearest large shopping centre has just created a book swap area too. I haven't checked it out yet (as I am not making a special trip just for that) but next time I have to go in to the shopping centre I will have a look. Meg:)