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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Big fast...

Scary roads!  I don't do much driving nowadays. Just around town and to visit two of my sisters who live about 20 miles away in opposite directions. I can get to both of them along country roads which is fine.  My daughter used to do long journeys across the country but now she is unwell local short trips are her limit.  She is looking for somewhere to live on a low budget so when she saw a mobile home for sale about 60 miles away I agreed to take her to see it.  The first part of the journey was on a pretty road through villages which avoided the motor way but then I had to get on to the A11 which went on to the A14 and then back to the A11.

I found the speed quite terrifying at first especially when I had a huge lorry thundering along behind me right on my tail. It was a relief to get on to the smaller road into Mildenhall and then up to the village. For various reasons the home was not suitable mainly because although it was dog friendly the friendliness did not extend to large dogs such as dd's greyhound.

I was quite happy driving around the little town to find a parking space so we could have a browse. Then it was back to the A11 and queuing for ages in the heat to get across the roundabout. The next day this roundabout was on the local news as the council have agreed it needs traffic lights. Exactly what we said. How people do this sort of journey every day to and from work I just do not know.

My last job was 7 miles away up a narrow lane that tended to flood and was un-gritted in the winter and I worked nights and sometimes had to drive down it in the small hours to be with a resident being taken to hospital by ambulance. I hated the snow and ice but even that was preferable to the big fast scary road!

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  1. I don't drive myself but I'm a terrible passenger. Motorways fill me with dread and i have purposely stare out of the window at the scenery rather than the cars.
    My poor husband says its like driving with Mrs Bucket sometimes lol