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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Looking back-1918

So what sort of year was it? Some good things and some not so good probably like most years excepting one or two which were like the Queen's Annus Horribilis.

January I managed to visit an old friend in the Lake District for a few days traveling on the overnight coach to Carlisle from Victoria.

Then February was fairly uneventful except for helping family members with various problems. I also started making another bag from my Amsterdam material. It turned out ok but not as good as the first one. I wasn't too good healthwise this month but managed to attend a good party although I had to sit out the country dancing due to severe vertigo. Of course there was the snow and dog walking.

March started snowy as well. Plenty of cuddles and fun with little grand-daughter. Health not good this month so quite low key. Finished the month with a colonoscopy and daughter moving in with me all on the same day. She hoped it would only be for a few months but the place she was after turned out not to be suitable so she is still here along with her possessions but it shouldn't be long now.

Some nice weather in April and did some gardening, nice local walks and sitting in the garden.

Some lovely hot weather in May and more gardening and walks. Finally getting some help with health. I'm grateful for the NHS but it works very slowly at times.

Started June with a bus ride with a friend to Burnham on Crouch for the day. It was lovely.

But then June became sad when one of daughter's greyhound's suddenly became very sick with kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.

July I had a lovely weekend on a coach trip with my sister to see Andre Rieu and his orchestra in Maastricht. it was a fantastic experience.

Then later in July off again with husband to Clacton for a week staying in an apartment right on the sea front so I was able to swim in the sea every day.

We had a beautiful summer and like most people made the most of it enjoying the garden, the river and our local park especially the free events like Glastobabies. Little grand daughter loved that.

September was the wonderful cruise to Holland and Norway with a friend visiting from US. We then had a few days together visiting interesting places locally.

October DIL's mother visited from Canada and we had lots of lovely days out all together.

November and December seemed to have flashed past while trying to get to grips with the low FODMAP elimination diet I am on. But I did manage to finish the year with another few days away visiting friends in Leicester which was lovely.

We also ended up with another dog which DD had been caring for in the owner's house while he was in hospital but he sadly died on Boxing day so Paddy came to finish his days with DD.

I didn't think I had accomplished much this year but it is good to look back and realize how much I have done. Certainly some lovely memories made along with the sad bits.


  1. That is a busy year and you did accomplish a lot and a few lovely trips in between. It is good to review one's life. Wish you all the best and happy travels for 2019.

    1. I'm pleased I did review the year as I had been thinking of all the things I didn't do and now I realize lots of good things I did. Hope you have some good travels too.