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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Bus pass

I finally had a day out using my bus pass last week. That morning a news item suggested taking away the bus pass and other perks from pensioners and using the money for young people.  I don't get involved in the political debate but was thinking how important it is for all of us whatever our age to be able to get out and about.

I am fortunate enough to have a car but I don't really enjoy driving especially towards London. I do love my frugal days out when I totally relax and enjoy the scenery from the bus instead of keeping my eyes on the road and worrying about getting lost and where to park when I get there.

I was thinking about a trip my friend and I had a few years ago to Amsterdam. We bought a 48 hour pass for the trams and buses and it was so economical and convenient. We had an easy to follow route map and if you missed one tram, another came along quite quickly. There didn't seem to be the congestion on the roads we get in our cities here in the UK. If transport was efficient and affordable more people would use it and pensioners probably wouldn't need bus passes.

I will post about my day out another time.


  1. Totally agree although we are not on a bus route!

    1. The bus stop is at the end of our close but I rarely use local buses. I walk a lot and drive when necessary.

  2. That would be a shame. Yes Amsterdam was so simple to get around. Lovely to get out for the day.

  3. We have excellent bus routes and frequent services here, but the problem is the cost. I know diesel is expensive and of course the drivers wages, keeping the busses serviced etc all costs money, but our excellent bus service is so little used. My dad used to be a bus and tram driver in when I was just a kiddie. I think people just rely on their cars because they're more convenient. Best, Jane x

  4. I don't drive, so my bus pass is a lifesaver!