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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Frugal things

Some blogs post 5 frugal things each week but I can never think of 5 things as mostly I am frugal all the time. I tried to make a note of things this week.

First on Tuesday I went to Sainsburys about 7 pm for eggs and ginger and to see if any yellow stickers. Not much but I did get 450g of River Cobbler fish reduced from £5.80 to £1.44 so that is in the freezer. Also on promotion the Yeo Valley blueberry yoghurt that my daughter loves reduced from £2 to £1.

I mended holes in a pair of tights and my gardening trousers.

Enjoyed the nice weather for free sitting in the garden and walking along the river and in our beautiful park.

On Friday I made two loaves of bread which were sliced and frozen.

Then I harvested some herbs from the garden which were also frozen.

Dill, parsley and chives.


  1. Some nice frugal buys. The bread looks delicious. Nice to have fresh herbs to freeze.

  2. I wouldn't say we were frugal, but we do budget very carefully. Some people mistake being frugal for being stingy. We only have John's pension and I only work part time now, so we need to budget. The other day we got our £5 Morrisons voucher that we get for collecting points on petrol, so that was £5 of free shopping. We also shop at the Co-op getting back 5p for every £1 spent. We also grow our own veg. Through my study of the Bible we have learnt to be content with what we have and we are so much better off for it. Relying completely on Jehovah is the best thing I've ever earnt to do. Love and best, Jane x

  3. So true! We don't need lots of material things to be happy. We don't have a Morrisons near us so I collect nectar points on the petrol from Sainsburys. Also if we look after our finances we can be more generous to others.