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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Greyhound walk

Sunday was the one good day weather wise here. Which was good as it was the Great Global Greyhound Walk.

It is the first time we have done this one but as DD has poor health, we just did the short walk around the field. We took the one dog Poppy as Paddy is too old now for this so I borrowed a dog from the kennels. We went back for tea and cake in aid of the Retired Greyhound charity. I was nearly tempted to buy some greyhound earrings but decided I wouldn't wear them so let them be. DD met another greyhound owner she has spoken to on FB but never met so that was nice. 

Not very good photos as there was a lot of excited movement in the yard pre walk.

The name the dog raffle and items for sale.

DD with the dogs.

The start of the woodland walk where the majority went.

It was amazing we had such good weather when the day before and every day since has been mostly wet and miserable. The global walk is just that and has venues all over the place. This was nice and near for us at Waltham Abbey 20 minutes driving through beautiful countryside.

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