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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Clacton revisited

We had a week at Clacton this time in what is called an accessible caravan. It has a ramp upto the door, a wet room and larger beds in bigger rooms suitable for a wheelchair. Although DB doesn't use a wheelchair, he has a mobility scooter, finds steps difficult is used to a wet room and needs space to move about.  It was the site we stayed on 2 years ago when we rented a normal caravan privately. This year was more comfortable.

I used the out door pool a couple of times and it was freezing. Then the only day we had rain I swum in the indoor pool which was empty except for me most of the time and lovely and warm.  The sea was mainly too choppy except for the rainy day when I walked to the beach with a raincoat on about 5pm and when I got there the sun came out, it was hot and the sea was like a millpond. I did have a paddle though.

Smelling the roses on the way.

A beautiful evening and hardly a soul about. The pier in the distance.

It's strange how we have a connection with Clacton because I tend to go for more rural locations. It started in 1949  before I was born when the little girl who eventually married BIL went to Clacton for her summer holiday with her family and stayed at the same site we were on. They went every year after that until the dad retired and he and the mum moved to Clacton where he got a part time job at the same holiday park. By then SIL had married BIL who was in the navy. When the third baby was on the way and BIL was off on his ship for a long tour, SIL moved to Clacton to be near her mum and dad. BIL left the navy and they settled there. We would visit so began our association with the place. Then DB's parents bought a guest house which they ran for some years and we had small children then so more visiting. DB's parents have been dead for years but we still visit the rest of the family which includes nieces and great nephews.

This association will get even greater soon as DD is moving there in a few weeks into a residential park home. So I will go back with her when she moves to help her settle. Then even more reason for visiting.

I will share more pictures of our week there in another post.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful break away with a lot of reasons to go back.

  2. It looks lovely and the caravan sounds perfect for your needs. Best, Jane x

  3. Thats great that you can get a caravan with bigger rooms and a wet room - must make all the difference. I have never been to Clacton - we have done a lot of Norfolk and Suffolk but never got down as far as Clacton - looks nice though.

  4. You have had a long time connection with Clacton. It's lovely to have family and a place by the sea to visit and now another tie.