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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Eastwick and Gilston

It has been getting more crowded on my normal walks so thought I would go off the beaten tracks a bit. Usually if I want to walk around the village of Eastwick I would drive although it is only about 15 minutes to walk there. The problem is it is across a fast busy road but not a problem at the moment as so little traffic about and not allowed to drive anyway.  My route takes me across the Stort Navigation then past fields and over the true Stort pictured here.

I saw something on the other side of the road which I had missed before being in the car.

A memorial plaque for a young man who was killed there some years ago along with a beautiful flower bed. There are a lot of accidents at this junction.

Normally I would drive to the far end of the village and park by the war memorial opposite the pub and walk the footpaths from there. As I turned off the main road there was a path on my right signposted Gilston church 1 mile. I knew the path was there but have never explored it so I set off across the field.

The building in the first picture is the old school house now converted into apartments.  Some years ago I walked round the village with a download from the internet. It was the history of the place and all about the buildings and was very interesting.

As I reached the top of the hill I saw a footpath sign to my right going through a little wooded area and with a handy bench beside it.

I was told we are not allowed to stop or sit down while we are exercising but as I pointed out when you are pushing 70 and have had a long walk partly up hill on uneven mud, you are allowed to sit for a few minutes for a drink of water and to get your breath for the next bit. There was not a soul around and all I could hear was bird song. So peaceful.

I had a look through the hedge and could see a big old house which has been converted into several dwellings. I know it quite well as I have walked there from the other direction.

It is Gilston Park. The original house was demolished in 1852 and a new one built.

I decided I had been out long enough so walked back to the main road, crossed it and walked down the lane which takes me back to the main river and then through the little nature reserve where hardly anyone walks and home. I am quite enjoying avoiding people and exploring different areas.


  1. But you drove there to begin with. Which I see nothing wrong with but get so much flak and nasty comments. I so enjoyed your walk and I am sure you did.

  2. I love that you were still able to explore new areas and that it was so quiet. I love that.

  3. No I haven't driven there for a long while. I have only used the car once or twice for shopping and taking essential food to shut-ins. I am sorry you have had nasty comments. It is totally uncalled for and doesn't help us cope with the situation.

  4. What a lovely walk you had. Beautiful buildings.

    God bless.

  5. I think a lot of us are discovering many hidden corners in places we thought we knew well!

  6. That house is quite impressive. What a beautiful walk and it looks like spring is in full flower. It is fun to be able to get out and see something familiar from a new perspective. This was well worth it!

  7. It amazes me what we miss when used to being in a car. I discovered that on our 1960s estate there is a single old cottage(c1800s) tucked behind some trees. It is so pretty and very well maintained. Imagine being the person who lived there when the old farmland on which our estate is built began to disappear under tons of concrete and brick. It looks like your wals is a pretty one - I think more and more people, who rarely go for a walk, are enjoying and appreciating its benefit.

  8. How lovely to find that old cottage

  9. Good for you...getting out in the beautiful fresh air...I can't see anything wrong with sitting in a deserted spot for a bit of a rest. Far different to a busy city park. x