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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Zoom and our town park

I'd never heard of Zoom a month ago but I am using it every day now. Before the lockdown I was asked to download it to access our bible meetings which were all stopped in the interest of safety. So that's twice a week then a few of us meet up daily for about 20 minutes to discuss the day's scripture and make sure we are all ok.

 Then last week my friend's mum died aged 89. Not from the virus but she was in a home due to dementia and keep falling and was poorly. Sadly none of the family had been allowed to visit for the last month. The staff were so helpful and tried to help her speak on the phone but she was so deaf and confused it didn't really work. My friend's brother lives in Brazil so he wouldn't have been able to get over for a funeral and it was decided to have a memorial service on Zoom. After the service there was a slide show of beautiful photos of friend's mum. Funerals are sad anyway but I did so want to give my friend a hug so technology has it's limitations. The family were appreciative that so many attended though and it helped with the grieving.

The other thing I have been doing this week is downloading loads of photos from my phone onto my laptop. It took ages sorting and naming them. Anyway here are a few from walks in the town park this week before the rain of the last two days.

Pet's corner shut down before lock down but plenty of animals in the paddocks and so lovely to see the little lambs calling for their mums.


  1. I am so sorry about your friend's mum - it is so difficult to deal with a death at the moment whether from the virus or otherwise. I hope she felt some comfort from the memorial service even though it was only through Zoom. Hugging has become something we once did but hopefully will do again. x

  2. So sorry to read about your friends Mum, my heart goes out to them. I must admit I hadn't heard of zoom either, its amazing technology. Take care.

  3. How sad for someone to Live with the knowledge that one didn't see their mother before she died. This virus hurts so many in so many ways.
    I'm another who is using Zoom but hadn't heard of it before. I have hundreds of photos on my iPad which need downloading. I did make a start but have a long way to go. I'll probably look back on this time and think of all the things I could have used the spare time for, and regret that I didn't!

  4. You've been so productive with the downloads, sorting and organizing. It looks like a beautiful area.

    I feel for your friend and the loss of her mom. How very sad to not be able to visit, to say goodbye. Even if the reasons are good ones, it is still hard to deal with at the time and live with later. My cousin's wife is experiencing this with her mom as well and yes. She needs a hug.

    Please take care of yourself. Stay well.

  5. So sorry that your friend lost her Mom. It is doubly sad at this time because of the virus.

    Love the photos.

    God bless.