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Saturday, 26 September 2020

A week away

 We had a week in Clacton so that we could visit DD and DB's family. The weather was wonderful so we made the most of it as we knew it would change towards the end of the week. We took DD to Frinton as although she has lived nearby for over a year this was her first visit. The tide was right in and coming over the prom. It was very busy and lots of people sitting outside the beach huts so we didn't stay there for long and walked back along the greensward which was spacious. It was lovely watching people picnicking and flying kites. 

Another day we went to Brightlingsea which I love and again DD had never seen. She loved it too. The tide was right out so we couldn't swim as it is on the estuary and we didn't want to walk through mud to reach the water. There is a small beach with a natural sort of paddling pool so I had a paddle with surf shoes on as it was muddy but very soothing. 

There was a large car boot sale nearby on the Sunday morning so we went to have a look. I came away with plenty of goodies for little GD including a stack of books, a piggy bank and 2 v-tec first computers. These last two just £1 each and working perfectly. I couldn't resist a jar of home made gooseberry jam in aid of the air ambulance.


I didn't take many photos as usually this is something I do when I am alone. I did take these when we visited DB's niece. In the end we couldn't take DD due to the rule of 6. The niece is an animal lover like the rest of the family and has a French bulldog, a rescued squirrel, 3 pygmy goats and recently acquired 5 runner ducks and 3 blue chickens. This apart from the fish in a 6ft deep pond. Her sister was also visiting with one of her 3 dogs.

The runner ducks moved in a few days previously so were quite shy and hiding in their house. 

It was good to visit but good to get home too especially now the weather has turned so dramatically.


  1. It looks like you had a very nice visit. What a wonderful haul from the car boot sale.

    God bless.

  2. It looks like a lovely time. I love the name Brightlingsea. That's so pretty! And so good to be with family. I really miss mine! Thanks for stopping by, Jean!

  3. Looks like a lovely break away. Great finds at the car boot sale and a joy to see the animals. That is quite the menagerie.