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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Today's walk and other outings

 Today I set off on a usual route but then decided to take a new footpath which would take me across a field and supposed to come out opposite a lane which would eventually lead me back to the river. The path was signposted but when I climbed up the bank into the field this was the view of the path.

I tried to follow the route indicated on my map but didn't have a compass with me. The path was supposed to go straight across for a while then turn diagonally. It was very hard walking on hard ploughed ground so once I got onto the higher ground I made for the buildings on the main road and came out a bit earlier than I wanted so I had to walk along a verge by the road until I got to the lane. It was a pretty walk along the lane until I reached the next footpath which was signed clearly but again the footpath was not clear. I could see the next footpath sign on the other side of the field so made for that.

This was the sign and the footpath.

It was passable but there were loads of really tall nettles so I was glad of my trousers and trainers. Though I still got stung a few times. I could hardly make out the path in places and was just hoping it wasn't completely blocked when the river came into view.

It was a relief to get onto the tow path which takes me nearly home. I haven't walked this stretch for a long while. Our town is known for it's sculpture collection so here is one beside the river. 

This piece is watermill by Nicola Burrell. 

Then I saw the conservation volunteer cutting the meadow which has been beautiful with different wild flowers all summer. A sign summer is over.

Some of the paths were difficult but I still enjoyed the walk and exploring different routes.

Last week I went with DS and DDIL and little GD to the pet's corner in our local park. It has been closed for months and now we have to book on line to visit although it is still free. It was so lovely to see little GD's excitement with all the animals and being 6 months older than the last visit I think she enjoyed it even more. Then on Saturday I had GD while her mum and dad went out for a day to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. After the park we went to the riverside and she found a huge muddy puddle which she happily splashed in for half an hour. I sat on a log and watched her. Of course the water went over the tops of her wellies so thankfully I had wipes and clean clothes as she wasn't too happy when she saw the mud on her legs. Funnily enough she didn't notice it all the time she was splashing. Some things never change. I can remember her dad getting covered in mud on Southend beach digging for crabs. 


  1. Lovely images from your words.

  2. That would been a rough walk. Glad you made it through.

    God bless.

  3. You have such nice walking areas (as long as you mind the nettles). And it looks like a lovely time to be walking.

  4. I love the watermill sculpture. The joy of grandchildren is that as well as having these lovely little people around, it's also like having our own little children back.

    1. Yes true but without the responsibility 24/7