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Thursday, 8 October 2020

After the rain

I had to wear wellies for a walk along the river but even wellies were no good in the flood meadows now.

British Long horns in the Flood Meadows.

I walked across this field a couple of months ago. I have seen people canoe across it in the winter.

The swan and just one young one came across looking for food but I had none. I don't know where the other youngsters were. It was very peaceful along the river bank due to the heavy rain earlier. No cyclists to dodge. 

This morning I had my second hair cut since lock down. I went very short in case things are shut down again. I felt sorry for the hair dressers as they work hard anyway but now with all the extra cleaning and restrictions its even harder. 

I also went to a friend's for a socially distanced lunch and a chat so a very enjoyable day.


  1. The swans are beautiful.

    I am glad that you got a visit with your friend.

    God bless.

  2. It does look peaceful and apart from it been water logged at the moment, a nice place to walk.

  3. It's nice to still have those areas enjoy the peacefulness.