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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Further afield

Although I enjoy walking near home, I am a bit limited at the moment due to the amount of rain we have had making the fields so muddy.  The farmers have  ploughed  the fields and not reinstated the paths yet so more sticky mud which is hard going. There are places I can walk with wellies such as the tow paths but I really felt I needed a change of scenery so with mask on and bus pass in hand I bravely took the bus to another town. Actually there were only 4 other passengers nearly all the way until one other man alighted. On the way back there were six of us. That was good for the passengers but not very cheering for the bus company. It is a lovely 50 minute journey through pretty Essex villages. 

Although I have been to this town lots of times I have never walked along the river so this was the plan. At first I thought it wasn't as pretty or interesting as our local river but as I left the town behind it improved. It was good to have some socially distanced chats with fellow walkers and some cyclists although not too many people around. It was such a beautiful day, I felt it was too good to waste it indoors. 

 I was particularly pleased to find the boat in the next picture as DB used to build these. They are fibreglass which he had a part in but as a cabinet maker, his chief job was building the interiors. 

I really enjoyed the day and find in these times of restrictions, I get quite excited about small excursions. I have plans to walk more of the river but the longest walk will have to wait until next year when we have more daylight again. 


  1. That was lovely. Well done for broadening your horizons. Something I should take on board.

  2. Lovely walk. Thanks for sharing the river pictures and your sunshine. Here it is dark and gloomy.

    God bless.

  3. What a beautiful place to walk, yes we've had a lot of rain here too..

  4. Walking and finding lovely places closer to home (often the only thing we can do at the moment) is a good thing to be doing - thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting x

  5. a lovely walk. I have a great affinity with water, so river or canal walks are preferred.....unless I'm near the sea and I LOVE those kind of walks!