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Friday, 2 January 2015

Natural History Museum

 On Monday I went up to London to my friend V and her son A to take him to a museum. I had suggested the science museum but it turned out he wanted to see the dinosaurs and thought that's where they were. So that is why we ended up queuing for half an hour to get into the Natural History Museum.  I have been there so many times and never had to queue for even 1 minute. It has changed so much since I last went when as you walked in was the huge dinosaur. Anyway we found some dinosaurs and A happily joined in the drawing activity then we had to queue for another half an hour to get into the dinosaur exhibition then carry on queuing as we walked across a bridge through the display of roaring dinosaurs. The museum was absolutely packed so that is what it is like in the school holidays! The mammals section was less crowded and we had to convince A that Blue whales really are as big as the life-sized model.

As we left the museum at 2.30, there was still a huge queue so we walked along to the science museum just for a quick look and to check out the shop. On the way we stopped to watch a man dressed up making huge bubbles. A spent ages chasing after the bubbles with other children. I think that was his best bit! There was no queue at the science museum as no dinosaurs there!

It was an enjoyable day especially seeing V and watching A have fun. I was glad to get home though as our tube was packed due to 3 lines being out of action so everybody crowding onto the line I was on.

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