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Thursday, 26 March 2020

A productive day

My home actually had the best clean its had for weeks. That was satisfying. I had an email to say the liquid soda crystals are back in stock in Wilkos. I can't get them anywhere else so not sure if that is considered essential but we needed other things as well so combined it with exercise walking there with my shopping trolley. There was no soda and a very helpful assistant went to check and confirmed that but I did get DS some handwash as he couldn't get any in the 3 shops he went to. Also a bag of compost, some herb and lettuce seeds and a couple of garden tools.

Then to Iceland for milk and frozen fruit. There was a short queue to get into the shop a few at a time. All was going well with everyone patiently waiting their turn and smiling from 2 metres away. Then a couple came along and the woman said to the man we have to queue. He took the shopping bag and just ducked under the barrier and went in. The guy in front of me shouted out to him but he took no notice. None of us got upset though and there was plenty on the shelves so took my items and went home.

After lunch I made a start on erecting a screen along the edge of my patio to give some privacy then I constructed a wooden trough with a trellis backing and filled with compost all ready for planting. Then I sat in the sun and had a healthy snack of kefir and nuts. A neighbour came along and we had a chat from a distance and then a friend rang for a long chat. Time for dinner  so relaxing this evening apart from going out to the patio in my dressing gown to clap. All around I could hear clapping, cheering and whistling. It was quite an experience.

Sunset from the patio

Screen and trough in the back ground and chair and snack all ready for a sit down in the sun.


  1. Beautiful sunset.

    God bless.

  2. I watch BBC news at night and they showed the clapping all over the country. I love that. You had a most productive day and your patio-sit sounds divine. Lovely and warm. I hope the same here soon enough!

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