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Monday, 23 March 2020

social distancing

I'm trying to follow guidelines to avoid spreading disease but shopping is making it difficult. My normal shopping doesn't take long. Once a month I pick up DB's prescription in Asda so do a main shop there. If I'm across town near Lidl's there are things I stock up on. Aldi is when we are at the doctor's. Sainsbury's is a five minutes walk from home so good for milk and yoghurt. With all this madness I seem to be trawling from shop to shop not just for me but for other people.

This morning I decided to go to Home Bargains for a screen for the patio. I arrived at quarter to 10 but a notice said it was opening at 10. I thought about sitting in the car but decided more prudent to join the young mum and two men queueing. By 10 am the queue stretched right across the car park and out of sight. I was keeping my distance but as the door opened everybody surged forward and pushed in crowding round each other. I decided in the circumstances to check out the toilet roll situation and scooped a pack of 18. We are down to 6 so didn't feel too bad about it. Also got some milk for little GD. I was so excited about the toilet rolls I nearly forgot the screen!

On a brighter note, yesterday was very enjoyable. I spent the morning baking some healthier snacks to avoid too much chocolate and rearranging some kitchen cupboards. All our bible meetings are cancelled and we can't even meet in small groups now so we used Zoom cloud meetings. It was amazing we could all see and hear each other and after the study we all chatted and sent greetings - all 107 of us listened. Some had provision made for the phone as they have no internet. Nobody was left out and it was so lovely to see all the smiling faces.

After that I needed some fresh air so took little GD for a walk to the pond to feed the ducks. There was hardly anybody around and so lovely hearing the little one's hearty laugh at the ducks.

A savoury courgette and cheese loaf and some banana, oat and peanut butter muffins in two different sizes.

The duck pond.


  1. Your bakes look wonderful. I love that you did loaf and muffin-style.

  2. I love the beautiful views you show and oh, your baking looks divine! I might have to make muffins today. Please be careful out and about. I haven't been able to go to the store and everything here apart from groceries is closed until at least April 13, so enjoy it while you can. But stay safe and be well.

  3. Thank you. All closed down here now but can still walk on my own.