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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Farewell Reykjavik

My last day and not leaving for the airport until 1pm so about 9 am still in total darkness walked through the streets toward the town center getting more krona from the bank on the way. Bit different to our banks with free coffee and comfy sofas. Did a bit of gift buying including sweets and an Icelandic baby congrats card. Was very expensive so not buy much. Views down to the coast at times were wonderful. I walked right along to the harbor area having a coffee en route upstairs in another book shop. I also bought some provisions for the flight. The wind was really fierce as I left the protective streets. Managed to get a photo of some redwings and some other bird which could have been a missel thrush. Walked partway back in the streets then back along the seafront battling the wind all the way.

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