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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Whale Watching

I couldn't decide between Pony riding or whale watching but due to the treacherous conditions underfoot decided whale watching would be more prudent especially as it is some years since I was on a horse. What a mistake!. To start with we were told that the boat had been moved across the peninsula to Grindavik as conditions were better there so we were taken in 2 coaches on an hour's journey in bright sunshine so not too bad. I went upstairs on the boat but had to go down to get my floatation suit to combat the cold. What a game that was with nobody helping and a free for all. I did pal up with a friendly passenger and we had a good laugh getting them on. Back upstairs and the boat had set off and no seats left. It was so rough it was all I could do to hang on and not get thrown onto the deck. Finally feeling nauseous and needing a seat I went to the lower deck but that was packed so on down to the cabin to the loo but somebody already throwing up in there. Managed to get some sick bags and slump into a seat inside at the back and suffer for 2 hours along with many others in the same state. I am usually fine on rough seas as long as I am outside but there were just too many on board. The commentary was interesting - what I heard of it. No whales were sighted and from what I gathered it is unlikely to see them in early January anyway. We were offered free tickets to come back!

View from the boat before my camera went away and we set sail!

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