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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Dog walk in the snow

DD was too poorly to walk her dogs. She developed ME after having swine flu some years ago and possible fibromyalgia. She still walks the dogs everyday but after the few minute walk to my house in the snow, she was too exhausted to go any further, so as the dogs were restless and I love being in the snow I took them. So here are some photos from our walk.  Not brilliant as from my phone, couldn't really focus on the screen as sun so bright and two large dogs impatient to get on.

The last picture was Cat lane which goes down to a ford over the true River Stort which is the border between Essex and Herts. Our walk took us along the Stort Navigation up to Parndon Mill which is now a centre for artists etc. It is always a lovely walk but so beautiful in the snow.

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