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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Accomplishments this week

I have a list of projects to complete in the winter as I'm indoors more and no time in the summer. One was to adapt an old folder to use as a travel journal for holidays and days out. It is loose leaf so I can just take paper to write notes to avoid taking a bulky book.

Well I completed the cover then started my journal with an account of my trip to Cumbria plus some bits I collected while there. When I have printed the photos, they will go in too. I'm not very artistic and clumsy with my hands but I am pleased with the result.

I also have made a pattern from the internet for my backpack to make from the rest of my Amsterdam fabric. I have cut out most of it but will have to use contrast material for the straps. I am going to use interfacing to make it firmer so still have to cut that out. So am pleased to be getting things done as the winter seems to be racing by.

I also had a big clear out of my boxroom and took a car load to the charity shop to make room for DDs furniture when she comes to stay at the end of March between selling her house and finding something else.

I made a huge pot of ministrone soup out of veg from the fridge and freezer and other bits from the store cupboard. I divided it up and now most of it is in the freezer.

It's very filling and delicious for these cold days.

Think I will get on with my bag now.

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  1. Soup and sewing, sounds like the perfect way to spend a winters day to me.