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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Snow, sewing and cooking

We hardly get any snow here which is a shame because I love it now I am retired and don't have to drive in it. We had a few flurries yesterday and some remains today.

This is the back garden which gets very little sun.

As I am inside more, I am trying to finish my bag. After my success with the first one last year, I decided to try a back pack.  The pattern looked easier but the instructions are not so good but I am getting there and have learned a lot in the process.

Just a little bit to finish off now.

I have also been doing some frugal cooking. A bacon and leek roly poly with suet pastry and baked in the oven using cooking bacon, a leek from the bottom of the fridge and finishing up the last of the vegetable suet.

I made a large bread pudding using what I had in the larder plus a 50p wholemeal loaf from Aldi. I took it to a bible meeting as we have tea and cake afterwards. Just a couple of crumbs left in the tin.

Home Bargains sell big bags of large Jonagold apples for £1. I have a Jonagold tree in the garden but they soon get eaten so I like to get these and often use them for baking. This week was a Jewish apple cake to have for pudding when DD came to dinner on Saturday.

I try to make the most of being indoors in the winter as I don't get much chance when the gardening starts.