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Saturday, 17 February 2018


We all like our little treats even if we are frugal. I love a good cup of tea made in a teapot from loose-leaf tea.  When I visited Cumbria recently, I arrived early morning in Carlisle from the overnight coach so walked to Watts an old company selling hundreds of different teas.

This is their other shop specialising in coffee where I had breakfast. Pictured is their very old coffee roaster. I'm not a great coffee fan though just one mug of instant each day so I headed to the tea shop and bought my treats.

I really enjoy rose tea but it is difficult to find locally so I chose a packet of that, Earl Grey - Blue Lady, Darjeeling and Keemun black Aster. I spent £17 so not a frugal purchase and I'm not good at splurging. This is my treat though and discussing with my friend who is also frugal and buys tea there, we agreed that if we liked wine, a bottle of that would cost as much as the more expensive tea and would not last nearly as long. Anyway I am enjoying choosing which tea to have each day. A lifetime of being frugal because of circumstances becomes a habit. I enjoy now being frugal by choice so that I can have my little treats.

What treats do you enjoy?


  1. I feel that the essence of frugality is making the most of what you have. I shop very tightly and cling on to my money for as long as possible. I try my utmost to use every last scrap whether it be food or yarn. In this way I can knit and sew away to my hearts content, if I want to knit a pair of socks in homespun and hand dyed wool then I do so, the cost of that is offset by the many pairs that I knit with cheaper commercial yarn. You enjoy your tea as much as I do mine, Lapsang, Darjeeling and Gunpowder are my treats.

  2. Yes I agree. I haven't tried Gunpowder.