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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Flowers and cooking

Two lovely unexpected floral gifts this week. Roses from DS and DDIL. A mixed boquet from DB and NOT for Valentine's day as we don't do it. Anyway I doubt if DB even knew it was Valentine's day!

I picked ups some yellow sticker liver from Asda yesterday. I haven't had liver for ages so today made a large casserole using the liver, some bacon bits from the freezer, a tin of tomatoes, a couple of onions and a dollop of marmite. It is delicious and still some to freeze. It went well with sprouts and a mixture of potato and sweet potato mash.

I also made a loaf of bread from Delia's quick no-knead recipe. I just can't seem to produce a really good loaf. It's ok but a bit heavy even though it has some white flour mixed in.

The loaf is on the right and the tins are ready to take two fruit cakes which will be baked in the morning after some of the ingredients being simmered together in a pan then the flour and eggs will be added in the morning. I don't have a problem with cakes. This is a lovely rich moist cake.

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