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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Floral plenty

When I arrived home from my trip to Leicester over two weeks ago, two bunches of chrysanthemums waited for me from dh who missed me. I have added to these with lilac, bluebells,grape Hyacinths and a shrubby bit from gardens n foraging. The lilac scent fills the room but alas the white lilac died quickly.

I do love fresh flowers in the house.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Recycle update

Well the chest eventually went to a good home! I decided to give freecycle another chance and a lovely man asked for the item and was so pleased when I chose him. The others all wanted photos etc. We arranged a convenient time for him to collect then he emailed on the day to make sure it was still ok. He came with his wife and they took it to the car themselves and were so polite and friendly that it made my day.

On the same subject today I saw a buggy and a pushchair dumped in the archway entrance to flats nearby. The residents regularly dump all kinds of stuff good and bad there. Once a week the council collect it in the rubbish cart. The buggy seemed to have mildew but the pushchair was perfect except for needing a wipe over. No good for us so I put an offer post on freecycle with a photo from my phone and details of where to collect it. I just hate to see good items sent to landfill and it will do somebody a good turn.