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Sunday, 19 March 2017


Why is it so hard to give good furniture away? I hate dumping good stuff and as I have just changed the single guest bed for a double I needed to pass on a good pine bed and clean mattress also the large chest of drawers which no longer fits. First I offered free to friends and one said they would definitely take them for another friend or keep themselves. After 2 weeks they no longer want it so I put on a local Facebook site for £5 each. I had loads of interest and after one  let down, the bed was collected. So far two buyers have arranged to collect the chest but not turned up. I have had 3 day's waiting for collections.
So why don't I put it on freecycle or donate to charity?  Because I've been let down so many times by freecyclers not turning up and charity shops will only take pristine items. The chest is a good solid piece but has slight water marks on the wooden top - easily fixed-but would be rejected by charities.
If I can get it in the car it will go to the dump and if not I either have to pay to have it collected or try and break it up. That really goes against the grain so maybe I will try freecycle once more but can I face more let downs?

Monday, 6 March 2017

It's finished!

I'm amazed that I finished my Amsterdam bag. I'm really pleased with it although it's not perfect but I haven't done any serious sewing for years. This is also the first proper bag I've sewed not counting the simple woven one I made at school.
So here are pictures.

I have enough material for another bag but will wait until I decide what style to make. Anyway this was one of my winter projects so now I have to finish my memory book!