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Monday, 6 March 2017

It's finished!

I'm amazed that I finished my Amsterdam bag. I'm really pleased with it although it's not perfect but I haven't done any serious sewing for years. This is also the first proper bag I've sewed not counting the simple woven one I made at school.
So here are pictures.

I have enough material for another bag but will wait until I decide what style to make. Anyway this was one of my winter projects so now I have to finish my memory book!


  1. I love your bag! Just recently I started teaching myself how to sew. I have a machine and there are some really great YouTube channels with easy to follow tutorials. I made 12 tote bags for gifts the week before I went to visit the kids. That was fun!

  2. Wow you were busy! I have decided on a back pack with the rest of the material but it will have to wait until next winter when gardening finishes. Yes Youtube is great.