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Sunday, 13 October 2019

London again

I had another appointment at a London hospital so as it wasn't until 2pm I decided to have a short visit to the Museum of Docklands. It is one of the few bigger London museums I haven't been to and there was an exhibition on about London's hidden rivers.

I only ended up with about an hour but managed a good look at the exhibition. It was really interesting to think of all those rivers mainly hidden underground now. There was a video presentation about opening up one of the rivers which I think was the Effra. The trouble is it would mean demolishing many buildings including Buckingham Palace so I can't see that happening.

It was a frugal day out as I used my bus pass and Oyster Card, took my own food and water. I did buy a coffee at the museum but saved 25p by taking my own travel mug. I also spent £2 on a sticky bun in Tottenham Court Road in aid of Macmillan nurses. So money well spent.

I didn't take many photos as I had such little time but here are a few outside the museum and along Tottenham court road on the way to the hospital.

This last one is the BT tower opened October 8th 1965 as Britain's tallest building. I do remember that and we all thought it was quite amazing that it had a revolving restaurant at the top. I never have been inside. Apparently it was open this year for London Open House but I have missed this for the last few years so maybe next year I will accomplish a visit. I have to go back next week so may revisit the museum.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Black History day and

other things this week.

I walked up to the town to get a paper on Saturday afternoon and thought I would see if anything was still happening in the market for black history day.  There was lots of lively music and dancing and a few stalls with food and beautiful colored African clothes.

There were actually quite a few spectators but not in my photos. I stood and watched and listened for a while. A lady in a beautiful African dress greeted me and told me she hadn't seen me for a while. I had no idea who she was until she enlightened me that we knew each other from a mutual friend and then I realized. It's seeing somebody in a completely different setting throws me.

Another thing this week was cutting back the lavender as mostly the flowers were finished and the bees had gone. I deadheaded the roses and brought the last few rosebuds in along with one last rudbeckia and a few marigolds. I'm hoping the grass won't need cutting again.

The heating has gone on a few times and the cooler weather has encouraged me to do some cooking. I made the second batch of soup this season, using up some country soup mix from the freezer. It was cooked and frozen some while ago and I am trying to eat the freezer as when I move I won't have room for it. It is too big for where I am going and won't be needed as I will not be freezing garden produce. Mind you most of the soup was put into the freezer but will be eaten soon. I also made a batch of Rocky Road for when people pop in. All made from the store cupboard. I have decided to make jam from the blackcurrants in the freezer. I may do that tomorrow. There is also some pumpkin left from last year. Most went in the first batch of soup and the rest will be used for Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins which I love. I had them in America a few years ago and Googled a recipe which is pretty close.

So quite a satisfying week.