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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Epping forest district museum

DB was feeling a bit down so as Saturday was lovely I suggested a little drive out. We made for Waltham Abbey which is a lovely historic little town. We started with lunch outside a tearoom near the ruins of the Abbey. We both chose warm croissants with cheese and tomato. They were delicious and not a filling I would have thought of in a croissant.

We then had a wander along pedestrianised Sun street and as the museum was open DB suggested we went in. I was a bit dubious as he was on his mobility scooter and the last time I was in the building, it had steep narrow stairs. However the receptionist saw us and came out to tell us it is now wheelchair accessible with a lift. I love museums so was very pleased.

The top floor was an exhibition about Gilwell park which is the nearby scouts headquarters. The rest is the story of the district.

This is the top floor. Little gd would have loved the tepee.

Some of my favourite exhibits.

 The garden but I'm not sure what the lady and child represented.

We finished off sitting in the sun outside a cafe with tea and scones people watching. We were glad we made the most of the good weather as it was horrible the next day.

Friday, 20 September 2019


While I was at DD's the other week, after the dog show she needed to rest but as it was a lovely day I decided to get on the bus to Jaywick. Now this little seaside place has a bad press but years ago we would love a day out there. It is a bit run down in places but the beach is wonderful. I stayed on the bus to the end of the route which was just past the bungalows which were all holiday homes back in the day. I walked along the sea front past a caravan park and was planning to keep going when I saw the Martello tower was open and had an exhibition.

The exhibition was about the flood of 1953 which was particularly interesting as I had just finished reading a book by a man who grew up on Canvey Island. He was 13 at the time of the flood and had to carry his younger brother through the flood waters to a refuge. There was also lots of information about the history of the towers. Lastly I went up on to the roof to see the view.

Such friendly informative people running the exhibition too. Then on the bus back we were on a circular route so went right along the seafront for a while and I was at the front of the top deck so more views. A very good frugal afternoon out. The only spending was a donation to the exhibition.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Fun day dog show

While I was visiting DD at Clacton we went to the National Animal Welfare Trust Clacton fun day and dog show. DD is too poorly to do anything for long but it was just along the road to the nearby village so we went for about an hour with one of her dogs. The other one is too old to get in the car or walk far. We had a walk around the stalls and I bought a reusable sandwich bag. I decided once I get the right fabric I will make some for gifts. Then we had the mandatory coffee and cake. Well it is all for charity.

First we watched the agility competition. Some of the dogs were amazing but so were the owners. They had to be very fit running round the course with their dogs.It was very enjoyable.

This is the rescue dog class and this was a lovely but nervous lurcher. We had a nice chat with it's owners who used to have a greyhound.

  Poppy showing no interest in the rescue class. She wasn't entered but last year while living at mine she won eldest veteran. There were so many entrants it took ages so DD couldn't cope with staying that long so we just watched for a little while.

A beautiful rescued dalmation.

We learnt later the charity made a lot of money which was good.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Primrose Hill and Regents Canal

I had to go up to the hospital briefly again so decided to walk through Regent's Park up to Primrose Hill and along the bit of Regent's canal that I have not walked before.

I have been meaning to go to Primrose Hill for years so finally got there. The views are amazing and there is a plaque naming the views.

Some sights in Regent's Park - the usual beautiful fountains and flower beds plus lots of strange sculptures.

A man exercising his pet parrot - allowing it to fly free around the bottom of the hill. My son was not at all surprised when I told him as he said unusual sights are usual there. Apparently the Beatles song "The Fool on the Hill" refers to Primrose Hill. I didn't know that.

When I had my fill of the view I went down to the Regent's canal which has the famous Zoo either side for a while. 44 years ago when our son was a baby, we did go by boat from Camden to the Zoo along the canal but I have never walked this bit.

Lord Snowdon's aviary which according to a notice is empty but going to be refurbished for a monkey house.

Some of the big houses next to the canal and a marina.

I came off the canal then and walked past a big social housing estate back to Regent's park and to the tube and home. I always think of that area as full of wealthy people but then when you see the other side of the park and  ordinary people you realize that its the same as anywhere. A mixture of all sorts.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Phoenix Garden

Last Friday I had an appointment at a London Hospital so looked up what was nearby and found the Phoenix Garden. It is not very big but a lovely little oasis in a busy area managed by volunteers.

This is from outside the garden and shows the roof of the new visitor building which is covered with plants.

 A really strange tree of which I don't know the name.

The last picture is lots of different tomato plants.

I love these unexpected little places run by the local community where you can sit quietly with a cup of tea.