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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Primrose Hill and Regents Canal

I had to go up to the hospital briefly again so decided to walk through Regent's Park up to Primrose Hill and along the bit of Regent's canal that I have not walked before.

I have been meaning to go to Primrose Hill for years so finally got there. The views are amazing and there is a plaque naming the views.

Some sights in Regent's Park - the usual beautiful fountains and flower beds plus lots of strange sculptures.

A man exercising his pet parrot - allowing it to fly free around the bottom of the hill. My son was not at all surprised when I told him as he said unusual sights are usual there. Apparently the Beatles song "The Fool on the Hill" refers to Primrose Hill. I didn't know that.

When I had my fill of the view I went down to the Regent's canal which has the famous Zoo either side for a while. 44 years ago when our son was a baby, we did go by boat from Camden to the Zoo along the canal but I have never walked this bit.

Lord Snowdon's aviary which according to a notice is empty but going to be refurbished for a monkey house.

Some of the big houses next to the canal and a marina.

I came off the canal then and walked past a big social housing estate back to Regent's park and to the tube and home. I always think of that area as full of wealthy people but then when you see the other side of the park and  ordinary people you realize that its the same as anywhere. A mixture of all sorts.


  1. Somewhere I have never been. So thankyou for that.

  2. I don't think I have been to Primrose Hill it was a lovely walk - I enjoyed it.

  3. What a wonderful stroll you took us on a delight to enjoy it with you.

  4. I love the car parts sculpture! What an amazing view of the City. Such a lovely walk along side the canal. We visited several parks on our last short visit to London back in '02. Best, Jane x

  5. Great photos. What bright, vibrant colours in the sculpture. I like things that make people stop and stare. Whether they like something or not, at least it makes them think! I'd no idea either that the hill referred to in the song was Primrose hill.