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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Yellow sticker food

Yesterday evening I thought I would walk five minutes up to Sainsburys as I buy their fair trade tea and barn eggs. I timed it to coincide with the price mark down and wasn't disappointed. I picked up a few bits then at the check out realised I had forgotten the pharmacy. After I went there, I had another look at the reduced section and was in luck. 480g of good low fat casserole beef at 25% of price for £1.19 and some cooked pork also 25%.

So  as I was going to be out nearly all day I put the beef along with a 25p stew pack reduced from £1 into the slow cooker with a few other bits and pieces to flavour it. A tin of cannelloni beans went in towards the end. It was delicious, frugal and yielded 5 servings. 3 for the freezer and 2 for us with mash and spinach from the garden.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Toby

As a celebration for dd having her offer accepted for a bungalow we decided to visit the local Toby carvery. I don't know how frugal this is but we had a half price voucher for the main meal so treated ourselves to a pudding. DD had ice-cream with sauce and I had butterscotch dream. It was delicious!

DD is currently residing with me since her house sold a few weeks ago waiting completion on her new home. It shouldn't be too long as there are no chains or mortgages required.

I thought my house was quite a good size but with 2 large greyhounds and their beds spread across the living room, it now looks quite cramped. Plus the boxroom and two sheds house DD's belongings.DD is sitting on the sofa and I am on an armchair because as soon as I sit on the sofa, Poppy dog squeezes in between us then when I want to get up it is a right palaver and then I can't sit down again. She is so affectionate though and both dogs make us laugh. We brought back crackling from the carvery for them so they were happy.

This morning we had GD and her pram also in the living room along with her chair so a right squash.

Monday, 2 April 2018


I have decided that spring is my least favorite month! Yes I love the blossom and all the spring flowers but that is about it. At least in Winter we know it will be cold so we can enjoy being cozy indoors with pleasant activities such as cooking and sewing.

Autumn is my favorite season as the weather is generally favorable and it is pleasant to be out and about. It seems a peaceful time of year with children back at school and preparation for the winter ahead.

Summer is lovely too as with light evenings I can sit out in the garden to eat dinner and linger afterwards. Even if we get a poor summer it is not usually as cold as spring. I don't know why but I always feel colder in spring than in winter.

I was talking to a friend who lives in the North of the country and she agreed that it is probably because we expect the weather to improve so we can get out in the garden etc but although we get the odd few "Spring" days mainly it is disappointing.

Most Easters I can remember as being cold and wet and actually in the 70's when DD was little we had heavy snow and that was in the South of the UK.

So today has been an ordinary day of shopping, housework, cooking and walking with DD and her dogs in the rain and the mud. It was still good to get out though and see the blossom. Highlight of the day was visiting DS, DDil and DGD who is just 6 months old and is happy whatever the weather.

 Now happily snuggled up in the warm with the radio on and about to finish my library book.