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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Toby

As a celebration for dd having her offer accepted for a bungalow we decided to visit the local Toby carvery. I don't know how frugal this is but we had a half price voucher for the main meal so treated ourselves to a pudding. DD had ice-cream with sauce and I had butterscotch dream. It was delicious!

DD is currently residing with me since her house sold a few weeks ago waiting completion on her new home. It shouldn't be too long as there are no chains or mortgages required.

I thought my house was quite a good size but with 2 large greyhounds and their beds spread across the living room, it now looks quite cramped. Plus the boxroom and two sheds house DD's belongings.DD is sitting on the sofa and I am on an armchair because as soon as I sit on the sofa, Poppy dog squeezes in between us then when I want to get up it is a right palaver and then I can't sit down again. She is so affectionate though and both dogs make us laugh. We brought back crackling from the carvery for them so they were happy.

This morning we had GD and her pram also in the living room along with her chair so a right squash.

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