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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Yellow sticker food

Yesterday evening I thought I would walk five minutes up to Sainsburys as I buy their fair trade tea and barn eggs. I timed it to coincide with the price mark down and wasn't disappointed. I picked up a few bits then at the check out realised I had forgotten the pharmacy. After I went there, I had another look at the reduced section and was in luck. 480g of good low fat casserole beef at 25% of price for £1.19 and some cooked pork also 25%.

So  as I was going to be out nearly all day I put the beef along with a 25p stew pack reduced from £1 into the slow cooker with a few other bits and pieces to flavour it. A tin of cannelloni beans went in towards the end. It was delicious, frugal and yielded 5 servings. 3 for the freezer and 2 for us with mash and spinach from the garden.

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