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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

A beautiful day

I wanted to make the most of the unseasonal weather as rain is expected tomorrow. DD is very poorly - more than usual so I took the dogs round the block so the old dog could get a walk. I took him back and Poppy looked expectantly at me so I took her down the river. I forgot my camera but took some photos last week when I went on my own.

i love the fact that it only takes about 5 minutes from my house to walk to the river. I live within walking distance of the town center too so I am pleased to have interesting walks nearby.

I sat in the garden to eat lunch and do some paper work. Then I gave the front garden a good tidy up. I found that more satisfying than doing the back as it is much smaller and after half an hour I could see results.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Spring coming to Old Harlow

Last week when I took DB to the Osteopath, I had a little walk around with my camera while he was there. This was the original town before the new town was built. It is about 2 and a half miles from home and has more of a village feel to it.

I was surprised to come upon this field of crocuses and lovely to see the snowdrops too.

This is a bronze sculpture called Kore by Betty Rea who was born in 1904. Kore was bought in 1975 to celebrate Old Harlow winning the council for European Award for architectural excellence. Those were the days when there was money for some fun things. I like to enjoy the interesting local area.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Snow, Robin and health

I found these photos of the snow last month still on the camera so thought I would post them to show we did actually have some snow.

Today I was very happy because I had my Skype consultation with the private clinic to find out the results of the tests I had. I actually know now what is wrong with my gut and how to put it right. I have virtually no friendly bacteria and quite a lot of stuff which is harmful. I have been taking a probiotic recommended by the hospital for nearly a year but it has done no good which didn't surprise me. There are a few other things on the action plan as well. This test is not done on the NHS but would save them a lot of money if it was.

Now I am finally starting to shake the cough and flu off I walked to the town partly to pick up a prescription and some cards and for the exercise and Vitamin D sunshine. I am on the borderline of low so trying to get back outdoors more again.  I took my camera and on the way I heard the robin singing on a tree near the fire station so took a photo.

I couldn't zoom in any more without making a fuzzy photo.

The idea was to walk back taking photos of my route to post but I had a bad flare up of pain and sickness so just struggled to get home then spent the rest of the afternoon on the bed with a wheat bag but was able to use the time making phone calls. In spite of the flare up I am happy that I can start getting better even though I know it will take time.