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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Herts and Essex Country Show

It was very wet this morning but I drove over to my friend just over the Essex/Herts border optimistic that it would clear up as we were going to the country show. The sun came out and at times it was hot enough to be in a t-shirt. I've never been to this show but my friend goes most years. It is held in Brent Pelham which is through lovely countryside.

Conveniently the village tea stall was near the main show ring so we bagged a straw bale to sit on and fetched our tea and cake.

First the birds of prey display with very interesting commentary.

Then all the old tractors when my friend got quite excited to see a little old grey Ferguson the same as one she drove about 60 years ago.  Also followed by the Land Rover enthusiasts.

Our favorite - The duck herding which funnily enough was on countryfile tonight. It was a different trainer but the same team from Norfolk.

We had a walk around the stands and admired all the beautiful craft work. I love these hats.

Lots of heavy horses as well as dogs which are not pictured.

It was a really lovely relaxing day out at this little show. Not as much to see as the bigger shows but it had a great atmosphere and lots of people my friend knew from the villages so we enjoyed that as well.