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Friday, 20 September 2019


While I was at DD's the other week, after the dog show she needed to rest but as it was a lovely day I decided to get on the bus to Jaywick. Now this little seaside place has a bad press but years ago we would love a day out there. It is a bit run down in places but the beach is wonderful. I stayed on the bus to the end of the route which was just past the bungalows which were all holiday homes back in the day. I walked along the sea front past a caravan park and was planning to keep going when I saw the Martello tower was open and had an exhibition.

The exhibition was about the flood of 1953 which was particularly interesting as I had just finished reading a book by a man who grew up on Canvey Island. He was 13 at the time of the flood and had to carry his younger brother through the flood waters to a refuge. There was also lots of information about the history of the towers. Lastly I went up on to the roof to see the view.

Such friendly informative people running the exhibition too. Then on the bus back we were on a circular route so went right along the seafront for a while and I was at the front of the top deck so more views. A very good frugal afternoon out. The only spending was a donation to the exhibition.


  1. It's sad that so many of these little seaside towns get pushed aside and end up a bit run down. People holiday abroad or go to these all-inclusive theme parks. I love these quiet little places. Best, Jane x

    1. People don't know what there missing in this country. I suppose the weather puts them off.

    2. I never heard of Jaywick so had to look up where it is. It's not an area I've been to, but was interest to see the Martello tower. In Dun Laoghaire where my family are, the Martello towers houses the James Joyce museum.

    3. Amazing that these towers built so long ago are still standing and in use.