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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Water, water everywhere

but no people so easy to social distance. Walking is so restricted at the moment not just because we are in tier 4 but also the footpaths are so muddy and many are flooded. I was desperate to go a bit further than the tow path on the river so planned mainly to walk on roads which go nowhere except to farms or the odd house. I planned a circular route along to a village then by lanes and a farm track to the next village and back up to the river and home. 

I hesitated at this footpath thinking it didn't look so muddy but a closer inspection showed it was.

Easy walking on the tarmac.

Another bit of paddling and just about squelched through.

Lots of well marked footpaths around here. One sign pointing to the turkey farm.
I had intended to walk up this lane to the river and then home but as I inched through the water, it rose higher and higher until it was nearly over my wellies and just before the little bridge I was aiming for, the stream was pouring over the footpath. I had to go back to the main road which I had just crossed from the village, then cross back as there is no footpath on this side of the road. I walked up to the roundabout then along the road home. I was pleased in the end though as a beautiful red kite was low overhead really nearby until it suddenly dived behind the trees. Another bird was higher up and further away but I couldn't see if it was another Kite or a buzzard. 
This made me smile. Someone had tied these little scarecrows with masks on to their fence.

 I was surprised to see this little aircraft in somebody's front garden. There is an airfield nearby where they take off and land but have never seen one in a garden. Still lots of birds and berries around too. Always feel better after a good walk. This one according to Google was about 4 miles.


  1. No walking for us today, rain, hail and now snow seen paid to that. Tomorrow's weather looks better so we'll get out. We need to after the festive excesses!

  2. We heading out for a short walk this afternoon - wellies at the ready. X

  3. Wow -- you ARE wet these days. Love the little masked scarecrow. That's fun.

  4. Wow, lots of water where you are. We are actually hoping for a bit more snow this winter as it has been very dry.

    God bless.

  5. Oh yes, water and mud are the order of the day aren't they? Wellies are a good idea. Glad you persisted and made it past the tow path.

  6. The plane in the garden is an unusual sight! My husband walks quite a lot and came home very muddy the other day. My daughter is in Bedfordshire where there have been bad floods. Fortunately she is on the 'drier' side of the county!

    1. Glad your daughter is not flooded. Feel so sorry for those who are.