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Thursday, 16 December 2021


 Apart from the pool at the holiday park DB and I stayed on a few times, I haven't been in a swimming pool for years. I have swum in the sea, rivers and the serpentine but I don't like swimming pools apart from the little outdoor lido in a nearby town. I haven't even been to that for a few years. We always took our two children to the pools from when they were babies and they could swim from an early age. Once they were older they went with their friends although we all used to swim together in the sea. 

However now little GD is 4 and never been to a swimming pool. I said I would pay for her to have swimming lessons but wanted to make sure she was ok in the water first. She does love her  paddling pool in the garden but a big pool is a bit different. Anyhow we went today and although she was frightened at first and said it was scarey, she soon loved it and cried when I said we had to get out because they were getting the pool ready for swimming lessons. She said it's not scarey any more.

I was horrified at the cost though as it was £6 for me and £4.20 for her. How on earth do families of several children afford to go. We didn't have a lot of money when our children were small but we went a couple of times a week as a family. It couldn't have been very expensive or we wouldn't have been able to afford it. When we moved to this town the pool was council run and very cheap for residents and free for those on benefits or a low income. That pool was demolished and replaced with expensive houses. The new leisure centre is privately run. I think if we go regularly there is a card we can buy to make each visit a little bit cheaper. 

On the subject of costs of children's activities, my sister paid for her great gd who is nearly 4 to have dancing lessons. They put on a show at the end of term and little E's mum had to buy 3 costumes and special makeup from a particular shop. It cost her £100! No homemade dresses there. Without help from family it wouldn't have been possible. These prices must exclude lots of children from fun activities. I feel swimming is essential for little children to learn as it might save their life one day. 

Anyway we had fun even if I am absolutely exhausted now with an aching back. 


  1. I also value the ability to swim. A lifeskill for every child. It is a pity there are few council run pools these days and the cost of swimming lessons is out of reach for many families.

  2. I do believe that there are a great many children that can't take part in activities due to cost. I know here in Canada there are organizations that will help out, but the money only goes so far.

    God bless.

  3. Loved to swim as I grew up by the sea, I only look at it these days!