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Sunday, 3 September 2017


I'm not a twitcher but I do love watching birds, just the everyday birds in my garden although I do get excited when I see something unusual.

This year I have had a large amount of young long-tailed tits on the feeders. They are so beautiful and acrobatic. I could have got photos as they seem quite fearless and feed nearby but I'm so busy watching them I forget to have the camera ready.

Goldfinches are plentiful too and lots of young ones too so must have nested nearby. Even the pigeons make me laugh as they waddle about.

This is the blackbird which cheekily came into my kitchen calling for sultanas and even brought his youngsters.

Not a brilliant picture as you can't see the full colouring of red head of this goldfinch.

I was amazed to see this parakeet in the garden about 3 years ago although I have seen many in London. This summer I heard them in the elderberry tree and then they were in a nearby garden and suddenly they flew low into my garden just in front of me being chased by a magpie.

Last week I went to visit a friend who lives 5 miles away in a village. I met her at her son's house as he lives on a farm and they get lots of wildlife. The main thing I wanted to see were the Red Kites as they are daily visitors there. Sadly they didn't turn up but we did sit and watch the buzzards floating on the thermals so effortlessly. We could hear their mewing and the incessant calling of a youngster. In spite of the lack of Kites, it was a beautiful day and so peaceful walking about the farm land. At least I have watched Kites on other occasions. We also heard and saw the green woodpecker.  We get those in the woods nearby and I love hearing their laugh - hence the country name of Yaffle.

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