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Sunday, 10 September 2017


with the woodfest at Hatfield Forest.  When I mentioned to DB that the woodfest was on last weekend he wanted to go as we both remember going years ago and really enjoying it.  There were all the traditional rural crafts such as pole lathe turning and bodgers. It was relaxing and low key. So we were quite shocked when we arrived about 10.30 which was half hour after it started, and found so many people milling about. As DB has a blue badge we were able to drive right up to the event but then were told no more disabled places. A very nice lady said she could squeeze my little car in and helped with unloading the disability scooter.

Then we looked for the rural crafts amongst all the stalls selling crafts.  The only demonstrators we saw was a lady knitting, 2 men turning wood on modern lathes and an axe hewer. The last one was enclosed in a cage in a dark corner so no photos there. I suppose it was health and safety!

This was one of the turners.

This was not a craft but a display to advertise the wildlife and particularly the badger group so that was very interesting. I took the phone number so perhaps next year I can go on a badger watch. I did do it once years ago with another group and it was amazing.

As I sit here writing this, Countryfile is on and they are highlighting an endangered species which is the heritage crafts people. I suppose that is why the woodfest was so disappointing.

I couldn't help noting the contrast between this event and one I went to 2 years ago in rural New York State. It was an applefest  full of demonstrators of old crafts and the axe hewer was out in the open. The other difference was the catering. At the applefest all the food was based on local products and recipes and very reasonably priced. At the woodfest we bought a cup of tea and a coffee which cost nearly £5. The food was not local and was expensive.  I usually take my own flask but we didn't this time as we wanted to support the event and it was part of our day out. Needless to say we left after an hour and ate at home. The live music looked good but did not start until the afternoon and DB was really set on the woodworking which was the main thing we went for.

Still it was a beautiful drive out on a sunny day and a pleasure to enjoy the countryside.

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  1. How disappointing for you, with such a poor show of woodland crafts, you wonder why they advertised it.