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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Tulips and Chinese medicine

These beautiful tulips, a gift from DS and DDIL, make me smile and is something to be glad about.

Yesterday I collected the second stage of my Chinese herbal treatment. I had powdered herbs last time which I stirred into rice water so nice and easy and didn't taste bad. After that the therapist text with loads of questions before she prescribed the next lot. The reason for this is as symptoms change so the treatment has to change so she only gives 6 days at a time. She asked if I still have psoriasis and as I only had one patch along the hairline on my forehead, I hadn't noticed that it had gone and just left faint dry skin. The medication was for my gut but the psoriasis was on the pressure points for the gut. I thought that was amazing. The other thing I hadn't noticed and she asked about was that the itching in my ears had gone. I definitely have more energy since the first treatment. This time though I have to boil the herbs up with root ginger and Chinese maltose which is the stickiest substance I have ever seen. I had a job getting it out of the pot.

It's a slow business but seems to be working.


  1. Your treatment sounds amazing if it gets rid of psoriasis!! I have had those comments like above in Arabic on my blog and they are commercials.. fyi. I translated them on a free translator on google . ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yes they keep popping up. I wondered what they said. Thanks for comment.