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Monday, 13 May 2019

Clacton Health walk

A couple of weeks ago we had two nights in Clacton-on-sea. It's only 60 miles away but I don't like driving there and back in one day any more and DB wanted to visit his brother and SIL. The last two years we have had a week there in the summer but I felt with the iffy weather 2 nights would be enough. We stayed in a very nice B&B who could cater for DB's mobility scooter.

We went straight to DB's favourite cafe for lunch then to visit his brother which was very nice to have a catch up. We got to the accommodation about 4pm and by then DB was wiped out so he went to bed and I went for a little walk. It was sunny and dry and turned cold but ok for a walk with a coat on.

I started to walk along the sea front toward the pier when I noticed the health walk signs telling me how many steps I had walked. It is a circular walk along the sea front then returning through the gardens which are mainly tended by volunteers. They were really beautiful.

Mediterranean garden.

Lots of lovely colour

Sea front fun.

The sea view from our room. DB wanted to stay in so we just had SB sandwich and tea in the room and I tried without success  to get the Now TV system to play live tv. DB went back to sleep so I just read and used my tablet to watch a program.

We will probably have a week later in the summer when I will be able to have a dip in the sea. Too cold now.


  1. Somehow I did not expect such beauty in Clacton! What is an SB sandwich? Looks a nice place.

    1. SB is Sainsburys. Clacton is not my first choice for a holiday but I usually manage to find something interesting. In the summer the beach and swimming are superb.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful walk, the gardens were so pretty.

  3. I've never been to Clacton, but it looks beautiful! The health walk looks so pretty and certainly encourages you to get out for a bit of exercise. Having your own little balcony to sit out on looks like such a lovely indulgence. I love to just sit in the garden and eat my breakfast and lunch. Food always seems to taste better outdoors. Best, Jane x